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Expand Your Horizon With Career Guidance

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As per one research, an average person spends around 90,000 hours at work over a lifetime. That’s almost one-third of their lives! Now imagine spending all these hours at a job you don’t like or at a job where you experience no growth.

If you talk to your friends or family, you would rarely find a person who is satisfied with their career. The reason? They never paid much attention to their career progression plan.

To make sure that you don’t make the same mistake, it is always best to turn to career guidance. Whether you are a Marketing Intern or a Content Head, you will need this service at some point during your career.

But before we unveil how career guidance can help you, let’s talk about the basics – what is career guidance?

Career Guidance: What Exactly Does It Mean?

Suppose you are working as a full-time employee in an MNC and wish to shift your career to freelancing. Now, you do not just resign and wait for opportunities to knock on your door. You begin by understanding the freelancing world, connecting with other freelance professionals, and building your profile on LinkedIn. In short, you create a proper plan for your career.

Now, what if you are a newbie who knows nothing about this new field? What if you are not good at optimizing your job profile? What if you end up becoming more confused about your career choices?

This is where career guidance comes into the picture.

Career guidance or career counselling is a process in which experts help you in understanding your talents and guide you to make the right choices in long-term career progression. The career counsellors will also give you an analysis of industry trends, the need of the market, and the suitable tools to boost your employability.

Top 5 Benefits Of Career Guidance

  1. Achieving Job Excellence

A good job is where you excel every day. But this job excellence is only possible when your work aligns with your skills, aptitude, interest, and values. Even a single pillar missing from these four can affect your career growth.

With career counselling by your side, you can select the best job that suits your interests. You will also get suggestions to upskill yourself and improve your employability to become qualified for your dream job.

  1. Realising the Market Value

Is getting a dream job enough? No, you need to make sure you are getting paid enough for what you are doing. Salaries and market values are often kept secretive. The HR policies of companies restrict people to disclose their income to their colleagues.

This affects your salary as you are unaware of the true market value. You may be working at a top position but your salary may be less than what you deserve.

Career counsellors help you realise this value. They also teach you negotiation skills, make your resume impressive, and also connect you with companies that respect market value.

  1. Staying Up-to-Date With Market Trends

2020 has taught us that anything can happen. The corporate world is also undergoing massive changes. You have to be on your toes when it comes to market trends and the changing job profiles.

And for that, you will need to upskill yourself, develop a personal brand, and select the right opportunities depending on the market needs. All this can be quite overwhelming and may result in wrong decisions.

A career counsellor or guide will take on all these tasks and give you a personalised session. From lucrative jobs to trending career courses, they will help you explore all the possibilities and then decide what is best for you.

  1. Shifting Your Career

No matter what your field is, you cannot stay in the same job role or industry for the rest of your life. Whether you shift your career for money, passion, or learning, there is always a fear of making the wrong choice.

To ensure you make a smooth transition, take the help of career guidance professionals. They will assess your skills, revamp your resume, give you interview tips, and also guide you on how you can become the perfect fit for the new job or industry.

  1. Keeping Stress At Bay

When you are a working professional, trying to meet expectations of current job role or searching for a new job, finding the right courses to upskill yourself, and staying up-to-date with the market trends can add to your stress.

Career guidance professionals motivate you when things are not going the way they should. They solve your troubles by creating personalized career growth plan and help you make wise decisions. With a helping hand by your side, you feel motivated and confident with your career at every step.

The Takeaway

Career is one word that has a big impact on your life. Any random decision won’t just leave you frustrated but will also affect your career progression.

Korporate Ladders understand how overwhelming such decisions can be. That is why we bring the best career experts to be your partner. Our career progression platform has only one objective – helping you get the right job at the right time.

From professional resume creation and personality assessment to corporate coaching and job search assistance, we have a range of services to expand your horizon.

Do not let hesitation take away the best from you. Connect with us right away.

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