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Interview Tips and Preparation from Experts

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Before anything else, Preparation is the Key to Success”, said Alexander Graham Bell

Professionals – like you – aspire to grow. And the quest of growth makes you look at job opportunities offered by the corporate world. There is no denying the fact that every aspiring candidate – whichever stage of career he/she might be – navigates through a series of job interviews which are often, the ‘make-or-break’ moments. You need to cash on this opportunity and maximize your benefit!

Preparing Yourself

How are you preparing to create these successful or the ‘make’ moments for yourself? Or,

Are you riding on your past successes giving you a false sense of knowing it all? Are you relying too much on your past experience with a sense of ‘who else would know it better than me’? Appearing in a job interview may seem routine and very easy; often, lulling you into a state of complacency. While you may have cracked interviews earlier on your solo effort, you can never be over prepared for an interview. The interviewer can very easily trick you into an unchartered territory leaving you exposed to risks that can prove very costly. You cannot undermine the value of your own preparation for these crucial moments.

In the world of professional career guidance, you need to reach out to experienced industry experts who have seen it and done it all. Seek their guidance proactively rather do it alone and risk complacency and failure. Remember an interview opportunity may just knock once! You need to put your best foot forward – at that moment, present and express yourself with confidence when it matters the most. This requires an unambiguous focus on preparing well for the interview.

These industry experts have interviewed several dozens of candidates in the past and can offer you a bouquet of preparation pointers and tips to help you excel and crack the job interview.

Trust them to help you:

  • Anticipate what is the interviewer likely to ask – be in the shoes of the interviewer
  • Understand what may be going on in the mind of the interviewer – what is making her ask the question she puts to you. What is the intent?
  • Anticipate questions as per your resume – for instance, what explains the gap in the completion of your studies, career breaks, change of roles etc.
  • Prepare yourself mentally and physically for this event with specific guidance in relation to your profile
  • Identify the right way to answer with suggested model answers
  • Say the right thing at the right time in the right quantity – in other words, select the most appropriate and relevant experience to create a powerful impression
  • Use the precise dos and don’ts to your advantage
  • Answer situational or behavioural questions – using proven methodology – to maximize your impact etc.

Let us look at the following case-let:

A mid-level manager feels confident to appear in an interview on the strength of her domain knowledge. However, the interviewer was not so much interested in the domain expertise as much as he was interested to check out the candidate’s functional expertise and versatility – that being the hiring organization’s need. An expert’s guidance on preparing well, ‘how to’ face the interview and a set of tips could have expanded the candidate’s horizon and helped her go past certain blind spots.

Preparing for the ‘Online’ – Virtual Interview

In recent times, more and more organizations are conducting interviews remotely which can potentially put you to a disadvantage. Your confidence and subject matter expertise that would have been assets in a physical setting may not get noticed in the virtual setting. In other words, a lot of subtle non-verbal cues cannot be observed and are likely to be missed out. Once again, an expert’s guidance and useful tips on how to present yourself assertively and confidently can come in very handy. Your focusing on the right verbal message with conscious voice modulations at critical junctures, using positive and assertive body language could help you ace such a virtual interview.

So, what are you waiting for?

Seek out the experienced professionals from the industry at Korporate Ladders for expert advice and guidance. We can prepare you well for various ‘interview situations’ in relation to the role you are pitching for. Cover all the bases well, prepare smartly and most importantly, do not rely entirely on your own effort. This strategy helps you minimize the unknown risks and reduce the element of uncertainty.

Korporate Ladders is a career progression platform that aims to help working professionals realise their true potential. Our goal is to help and assist early and mid-career stage corporate executives – like you – achieve your career aspirations by delivering a spectacular performance that is truly professional.

We offer a bouquet of services such as professional resume creation, personality – skill assessment, interview preparation to corporate coaching, career progression plan and job search assistance that can surely help you expand your horizon and help you stand out from your peers and competitors. Create a favorable impression before your interviewers and pocket the coveted job!

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