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How to Build an Edge: Develop Your Talent Stack

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If you keep sticking to that belief that you need to master only one skill to be successful, then you lose your opportunity to learn new things. About 25% of people who are on top of their respective professions have used the technique of skill stacking to reach to the top and capitalize on new opportunities. Thus, an employee’s earning potential increases each time he stacks a new skill-set on top of his current capabilities. 

In essence, skill stacking, which was initially made popular by Dilbert writer Scott Adams, is about strategically building and layering skills so that they combine to do cool, unique things. Skill stacking is combination of knowledge, qualities, and abilities to create something of unique value. It is a practical approach to beat competition around oneself. 

For an instance, a IT professional has technical skills required to do his job perfectly but may lack leadership skills, negotiation skills and team management. He can spruce up his knowledge by skill stacking to excel in his career. To exemplify further, an IT professional would require certain skills like good communication skills, critical thinking, empathy, and conflict resolution abilities which will help him grab great opportunities in his career. 

A dozen other skills can help him to do exceptionally well at his job such as getting people to work in the company to improve company’s growth, spotting opportunities for sales and persuasion.

Today, once you know what your talents are & what skills you want to add to your current abilities and then combining those skills will enable you to acquire competitive advantage you need to succeed.

Therefore, investing in right mind-set is the key. This will empower you to thrive in your career and perform well in your future roles.

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