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When one is so engulfed with tutorials that one forgets to implement their knowledge for actual results it is referred to as tutorial purgatory. In other words, to binge-watch tutorials without actually applying what one learned. This is prevalent in today’s internet-driven world more than ever. Now let’s look at some examples to understand it even better.

For example, a technology professional enrolled and watched “The Web Developer Online Workshop” on YouTube, consisting of 28 hours of videos covering all the topics such as HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, and jQuery. Also, a sales professional watch videos on strong selling and communication skills or videos on how to provide services to potential customers. The course might be beneficial but it’s important to implement the learning.

Tutorial Purgatory - Is It Impacting Your Career Growth?

So, what is your next step? In order to start implementing what you learned; you need to first, be willing to practice, and secondly, you should be resourceful enough to look for test platform and right uses cases to implement the learnings.

Now, the question is “How do we do that?”. Your curiosity of “Why are things this way?” will keep you driven. Practice creates competence. Competence creates confidence and confidence empowers oneself.

Here are 4 simple solutions that will help you overcome tutorial purgatory and simultaneously progress in your field of work:

  1. Set your long-term and short-term goals.
  2. Identify the training platform that gives you a hands-on experience. Learn new skills that will suit your personality.
  3. Chalk out your strategy and work on it.
  4. Invest in mentorship. A mentor/coach can help you identify your strengths and focus areas to bring out the best in you.

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