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Who Are You? Understanding and Improving Yourself Using Psychometric Assessment

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Who are you?

As we go about our way in life, we encounter this one question from time and time. It’s also what defines the quality of our life and shows how other people perceive us. Rarely do we take the time to give some thought to this question. However, beyond this question lies your acquaintance with your vast potential, ranging from your career, relationships, and aptitude to a desired personality that’s waiting for you to take charge.

If you do ponder upon it though, you must know how subjective and difficult assessing yourself can be. You believe yourself to be a certain way, whereas when you ask your family, friends, and co-workers they might have different or even contrasting opinions of how you are. Which one is to be believed now, which one is the truth?

Things get even more complicated when you evolve over time and certain aspects of your behaviour evolve along. This is where psychometric assessments play a significant role, leveraging your self-awareness with reliable and objective results, even as your malleable personality changes with time.

What Is Psychometric Assessment?

Psychometric assessment is a scientific method employed to measure people’s behaviour, personality, aptitude, and interests. It provides valid and reliable measures pertaining to one’s personality, aptitude, abilities, and interests.

A psychometric test’s parameters can be broadly categorized into:

  • Interests – This includes motivations, values, and beliefs concerning interests.
  • Personality – This measures how people differ in doing things and interacting with others in different environments.
  • Aptitude – This measures how people differ in carrying out different tasks and challenges.

Importance of Psychometric Assessment

Psychometric assessments are majorly used by career counsellors, academicians, researchers, recruiters, and psychologists to study behaviour and measure aptitude. However, Psychometric assessment can also be used at an individual level to self-assess and improve aspects of one’s own self, ranging from understanding one’s personality traits, measuring one’s IQ and EQ, exploring one’s career choices, relationship compatibility, and career growth to areas of self-development. Psychometric assessment for managers can help them grow both individually and as leaders of a group by learning about themselves and others.

Finding Yourself

From the day you are born till the day you die, you are constantly changing. When you were young, studying and doing well in extra-curricular activities was important, whereas now your goals could be to run a sustainable business, to serve others and earn money, or to be recognized at your workplace. As we progress through the different stages of life, our priorities and goals change accordingly. They also indicate what holds meaning for us. If you like to spend most of your time at your job, you might be workaholic, if you value more time with friends and family, you might be more sociable. Such aspects build your personality, interests, abilities, and skills. This is what makes you who you are and contributes to your experiences. It’s why you are a unique individual, different from others. It’s the driving force behind your career choices, your goals, and the way you approach any task. Therefore, over time, with each experience in life, your beliefs change little by little, and so do you. That’s why knowing yourself can make your life much simpler, especially when you know which direction you’re heading in.

As mentioned before, knowing oneself can be quite subjective and the parameters can get particularly difficult to track and measure as one keeps evolving. This is where periodic psychometric assessments can be of much benefit. Psychometric tests make you aware of where you’re heading and how you’re evolving as a person, while maintaining some objectivity.

While it might seem that psychometric assessments do not have a direct impact on your life, it does reveal a lot about your personality, behavior, and aptitude, if done right.Psychometric assessments help you see yourself objectively and assists you in growing beyond your limitations. Accurate assessment is crucial for getting accurate results. At Korporate Ladders, we aim to provide career counselling solutions that have a foundational approach towards success, which involves bringing clarity and adding direction to a person’s career foundation and growth. We provide Job skill match and Career Personality match tests that reveal the ideal career choices for you. Our objective is to guide you with a step-by-step plan on how to progress through your career.

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