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Your Resume Is Your Pitch – Make the Best Impression

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If you are looking to land that dream job, your resume needs to make a big impression on everyone who sees it. The only hope that the candidates have of getting hired is having a flawless resume that lets potential recruiters know all that they need to know about you in least possible words and makes you stand out by highlighting your individuality and originality. In short, you need a resume that quickly demonstrates your value to employers. The quality of your resume makes a first impression and can determine whether or not a potential employer will consider you for an interview. Below are some excellent tips that you can apply while resume writing to create a great first impression and exhibit your best potential.

  • Flawlessly professional – It is absolutely essential for you to create a professional and mature image of yourself in your resume. With recruiters receiving thousands of resume for every job vacancy, creative appearance is essential if you want to stand out from the crowd but not at the expense of professionalism. Your resume is your marketing material for your services, so if it looks sloppy or untidy, it is very unlikely to get you shortlisted for an interview. Take the time to make sure your resume looks immaculate by using a clean and simple font, a professional title heading, and clear section headings and dividers. Invest time into choosing templates and structures for your resume and make sure that whatever you choose is easily readable and that your resume is to the point.
  • Optimize – Recruiters are bound to get several resumes per job. For this reason, it’s very important to make your resume easy to skim read, and pick out the key information they need. Keep your resume to around 2 pages in length at the most. (Try keeping it to 1 page if you are a fresher). Break the information up using short paragraphs and plenty of bullet points. Avoid writing big long chunks of text as they will make your resume very unappealing and difficult to read and the requirements that they are looking for. Start your resume with a punchy profile to draw readers in, then list your roles in a well-structured manner and be sure to show the impact you have made on previous employers.
  • Talk numbers – Numbers, visual representations, and statistics provide a lot more information to potential employers than unclear statements that fail to support your contribution to the last company that employed you. Talking about numbers is an excellent technique that can boost your chances of getting a call for an interview since you were successfully able to accentuate and highlight relevant information.
  • Have room for flexibility – Keywords and action words used in a job advertisement are significant on your resume. Before you start writing or editing your resume, read and understand a job advertisement and description so that you know the requirements. Try to grasp key requirements for the job and establish the right tone for your resume concerning the company.

Keep these things in mind when you draft your resume and you would be good to go. Remember, your resume is like an advertisement of you so invest a good amount of time in it. KorporateLadders is here for your rescue if you still feel unsure about this. With a dedicated resume creation service, we offer to build your unique professional identity based on psychometric assessments and aptitude tests. This customization is based on choosing the best industry for you, matched with your skills, experience, and interests. With these domain-related modifications, you can be assured to have the best representation via your resume.

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