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Decoding Career Progression Planning and Its Benefits

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Long gone are those days when ‘career’ was synonymous with procuring a government job and sticking to it throughout the life. These days, individuals want to follow their passion and do something more than just exist. Somehow, most of us land in the wrong jobs due to which we end up spending prime years of our life on an unfitting career path. It can be due to lack of guidance, peer movement, limited exposure or not being aware of one’s self. It can often lead to unpleasant feelings like job dissatisfaction, burnout, etc.

Career Progression Planning is a savior in such circumstances. It is basically a process to uncover a person’s skills, personality, hidden traits, beliefs, etc. with the help of multiple scientific methods and the invaluable experience of industry veterans. After identifying the person’s virtues and vices holistically, expert career guides device a handholding plan including a detailed career path and steps for individuals who want to progress in their career. The whole process is personalized and a lot of importance is given to the individual and their choices.

The experts also empower the candidates with industry trends and take leverage of their network to provide exclusive services. The services include a professional resume creation, profile builder, progression plan, self-presentation techniques, corporate success coaching and personalized job assistance.

Professional Resume

Your resume is the first impression a recruiter will have of you. Hence, it is inevitable to make an impactful first impression. A professional resume, curated based on your personality and industry, will definitely help you stand out.

Profile Builder

Social networking is booming every day. Recruiters often scan social media profiles of the candidates to get a deeper insight of their personality. It is crucial that your profiles look professional and are up to date.

Progression Plan

A progression plan is the core of the whole exercise of Career Progression Planning. The plan will have the answer to “What’s Next?” A detailed handholding career progression plan is devised and explained to the candidate in an extensive session with a seasoned career guide.

Self Presentation Techniques

An interview is the most important step of the recruitment process for both, candidates and recruiters. You must put the best foot forward as the recruiter gauges every minute detail about your experience, personality and how you carry yourself. Career guides can assist you in creating a flow for exhibiting yourself and your experience in a way that will attract the recruiters and help you stand out. The techniques will vary as per the industry.

Corporate Success Coaching

Corporate success coaching is all about insider tips by industry veterans that will help you excel in your career. Professionals who are already at a managerial position will get invaluable tips on how to step up the game and procure a leadership position. 

Personalized Job Assistance

Regular placement consultants fling resumes to every recruiter that is even minutely relevant. However, candidates who pursue career progression planning get personalized job assistance which means that the resumes will only be referred to recruiters that seem like a perfect match depending on your career choice, personality and beliefs.

How Career Progression Planning is different from Career Counseling?

Career progression planning is for entry and mid-level career professionals who want to grow and thrive in their professional life. Some individuals might feel that their growth is restricted and they want guidance for taking the next step. Some professionals might be dissatisfied with their career choice and wish to explore career paths best suited to them. Some might want a salary increment. Career progression planning accommodates these issues and more. It is basically for everyone who is serious about their career and professional growth.

Career Counseling, on the other hand, is for individuals who are pursuing their studies and wish to know the best starting point for them. The process is usually recommended before students choose their stream of subjects. It can be beneficial for both kinds of individuals, one who has a vision and is aware of their interests and skills, and the other who is confused and wish to explore their options.

What are the benefits of Career Progression Planning?

• Career Progression Planning will keep you from getting stuck in the same position

• A Career Progression Plan will help you define your future career path

• The process will help you to take charge of your own advancement

• Career Progression Planning will give you the confidence you need to succeed in your professional life

• It will help you grow in terms of experience, finance and designation

• A Career Progression Plan can also help you in understanding yourself better and enhancing your personal growth

• A Career Progression Plan will define what you are passionate about and devise a clear development plan

• You will experience positive feelings of job satisfaction, contentment and happiness

• Work won’t feel like work and increase in career longevity

• The services are available at affordable rates and easily accessible

How can Korporate Ladders Help?

Korporate Ladders has coined the revolutionary concept of Career Progression Planning for helping corporate professional and entrepreneurs. Such services have always been exclusive to a few corporates and talent pools but not anymore. Korporate Ladders provide all of the career-related services under one roof.

We facilitate a two-way street, Career enthusiasts on one end and Talent Seekers on the other. We polish the skills and aptitude of Career Enthusiasts and make them shine under our guidance. Talent seekers who are associated with us get a database of such talented individuals. Our motive is to bring about a positive change in the recruitment process and help candidates and recruiters get the best an industry has to offer, thereby increasing job satisfaction and career longevity.

It is a win-win situation for everyone. A Career Enthusiast will get the job he is passionate about, a talent seeker will the right talent for their company and business owners will be able to build an efficient workforce.

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