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Happy Career Builds around Your Skills & Personality

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Choosing a career path is one of the biggest decisions of someone’s life. One must put a lot of thought and deliberation into it since it is a life-changing decision. Your life’s satisfaction and happiness could depend on it. If you are in a career which is suited to your skills and personality, you will have a good time at work. You will enjoy working. Even those extra hours won’t matter because you will be working on something you are passionate about. Your career will last a lifetime and early retirement won’t make sense. On the contrary, if you choose a wrong career path, which is not suited to your interest, it might feel like a burden. You won’t be able to perform to your fullest potential and there might be a lingering sense of job dissatisfaction.

Unfortunately, not a lot of people in India are satisfied with their job. This signifies a major gap in our understanding of skills, aptitude, intelligence and interest of the workforce.

One way to determine these factors could be asking the person directly, observe them in action or even gather observations about the person from other people. However, these methods can be affected by personal bias and perspective. A solid way to gauge the cognitive and behavioural abilities, skills, personality, and interest of the individual is by psychometric tests. These tests will help to make more objective and impartial judgments.

About 75% of Fortune 500 companies use such psychometric tests for their recruitment process. These assessments assist companies to choose the right talent for the job openings they have. It helps in their strategic initiatives of selection, talent management, assessing workforce capability, understanding the organizational culture, employee engagement and succession planning.

Korporate Ladders also uses advanced and globally recognized psychometric tools to identify the hidden traits and various facets of a user’s personality. This information helps us to design a career path that accommodates most of these attributes and provides an individual with a best-suited career plan. The whole process is directed to increase job satisfaction and career longevity.

How Psychometric Tests Help in Identifying Skills and Personality Type?

Psychometric tests help us in discovering hidden, intangible traits like skills, intelligence, talent, personality, attitude and beliefs. Think of it as a yardstick to measure all these attributes. It consists of personality profiles, reasoning tests and questions on motivation to gauge the person’s ability to do a particular task, how they interact with others, their style of working, their motivation, opinions and values.

It Gives You the Power to Choose Your Career Path

Once you are aware of your strengths, development areas and different aspects of your personality, intelligence and beliefs, you will be in a position to decide the best next steps towards a fulfilling professional life.

Job satisfaction and career longevity are two broad parameters which indicate your happiness level regarding your career.

If you are unhappy with your job, you dread Mondays or dream about a life without having to work, then your career choice is probably not aligned to your personality and aptitude. When you take a psychometric test and are aware of your strengths and weakness, the situation will become much clearer and you will able to pick out the pain point. It will open doors to various other career opportunities which you might be interested in, thereby, increasing your job satisfaction and career longevity.

If your career aligns with your personality, aptitude and goals, you might be interested in knowing, ‘what’s next?’ Taking a psychometric test, first, will reassure you that you’re on the right path. Second, it will discover your inherent but latent skills and attributes. For example, you are a marketing manager in a fashion e-commerce company. A psychometric test might help you recognize your qualities like leadership, self-motivation, understanding of risk, resourcefulness, etc. Such characteristics are usually present in an entrepreneur. Hence, you will get a fresh approach and opportunity to think and plan about. 

Even if you feel stuck in your career, by taking a psychometric test, you’ll be able to discover your unknown self and amplify your career possibilities.

Korporate Ladders Unique Person-Centered Approach

Korporate Ladders revolves around the idea of assisting early and mid-career stage corporate professionals by devising a handholding career progression plan using the psychometric approach. Our goal is to work on the individual and support them in achieving their career goals. When you work in the field of your interest and job role that suits your skills and aptitude, job satisfaction increases manifolds. You will perform to your fullest potential while enhancing your skill-set. Sometimes, you could feel stuck in your career, Korporate Ladders intervention will direct you to the right path.

Psychometric assessment is the first step of our comprehensive process. As per your need, we offer an umbrella of personalized, globally validated services based on the industry trends. We will support you in making informed, data-based decisions with our team of highly experienced career guidance experts. Specialized job search assistance is also part of the plan.

Such offerings are often exclusive to top management professionals and are quite expensive, however, we believe that everyone must have access to career progression services. Hence, at

Korporate Ladders, we offer specialized and personalized packages that are accessible, reliable and affordable.

When your career aligns with your goals and beliefs, you tend to work for it and have a bigger purpose in life. Unlike when your career is not aligned with your passion, you end up thinking about trivial matters.

Someone wise rightly said, “Passion is the difference between having a job or having a career.”

Be a part of this revolutionary process and witness your career grow leaps and bounds with Korporate Ladders.

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