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KL Mantra for Professional and Personal Growth

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As a professional, the quest to grow and achieve greater professional success is a natural wish. This success manifests itself through build-up of knowledge-skills-abilities (KSAs), leading to job fulfilment and career advancement characterized by unbridled joy, immense satisfaction and recognition at work place.

However, this smooth progression to these desired outcomes is seldom seen commonly. Achieving excellence in one’s job is only possible when your work aligns with your skills, aptitude, interest, and values. Even a single element missing from these four can affect your career growth and could work as a career limiting factor.

For example, if Aditya as a sales executive lacks grit and determination, he is likely to face difficulties in closing the sales and meeting his targets. Consequently, he would register average or above average performance only – notwithstanding his excellent product knowledge, exceptional selling abilities and high self-control. What a pity it would be!

Career Counselling

At Korporate Ladders, we guide corporate executives like you through career counselling, career upskilling and a structured career planning effort. We use your profile information and through psychometric and behavioural assessments identify your natural strengths, areas of interest and personality traits. The assessment results also reveal certain career limiting factors that could help explain the reason for one being stuck or not making good progress in one’s career. What is not so obvious is the potential impact of these career limiting factors on the individual’s life in general but also in the execution and fulfilment of other roles that one is expected to discharge. Therefore, with inputs from the career counsellor, Aditya may realize that he has also seen limited success in his personal endeavours and relationships and this could be due to his low scores on grit and determination. Conversely, in absence of counselling inputs, Aditya may not even identify what holds him back in the pursuit of his targets and goals, possibly leading to dejection and frustration.

Career Coaching

On the broader canvas of life – an individual like Aditya – would be greatly benefited by interacting with a trained and experienced professional coach who can complement the career counsellor’s career planning efforts. The coach focuses on the immense hidden potential of the individual and helps the individual discover himself completely. In this journey, the coach acts like a sounding board and helps the individual create a new life path to achieve important goals in different spheres of life – as a professional, as a parent or as a spouse, or even as a community member.

Coaching – and the work of a coach – helps you develop as a leader and experience a positive change in your endeavours. Coaching is the art of facilitating your learning journey by improving your thinking. It is a creative process that will inspire you to maximize your professional and personal potential and experience real growth in substantial terms.

In this endeavour, the Coach:

  • asks you questions that you haven’t asked yourself,
  • challenges your thought processes & paradigms,
  • encourages you to set meaningful goals that reflect your current priorities and
  • helps you achieve these goal outcomes

Needless to say, in absence of a coach you may go through several iterations of trials and errors and yet miss out on identifying the right career or personal advancement step.

So, when a coach works with Aditya, he/she would help him discover the missing links and their impact. More importantly, the coach would help Aditya create a purposeful and meaningful journey that makes him cover the milestones and achieve fulfilment by realising his important professional and personal goals.

So, what are you waiting for?

Seek out the experienced coaches from the industry at Korporate Ladders for an outstanding coaching experience. Design your personal learning journey and take the right steps for a planned career planning and progression. In this journey, experience exhilaration – in more ways than one – as your true growth unfolds!

Korporate Ladders is a career progression platform that aims to help working professionals realise their true potential. Our goal is to help and assist early and mid-career stage corporate executives – like you – achieve your career and personal aspirations by delivering a spectacular performance that is truly professional. We offer a bouquet of services such as professional resume creation, personality – skill assessment, interview preparation to corporate coaching, career progression plan and job search assistance that can surely expand your horizon and make you stand out from your peers and competitors.

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