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Techniques for effective job search

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For every job opening, there is an average of 250 applications sent for each position, only 4-6 individuals are called in for the interview, and just 1 person gets the job. These statistics were as frightening for you as they were for Jyoti. In the last year of her college, she had gotten into a good organization and felt like her career path was set. But after working for 8 years there she realized there wasn’t much growth in her company as well as the work didn’t entice her any longer.

She got back to searching for new job opportunities and felt that her extensive experience would get her a job immediately. But we all know that looking for a job in today’s market is very difficult. With more and more people joining the industry every year with the job opening staying limited the competition is at its all-time peak.

Jyoti to increase her chances of getting selected opted for Job portals packages promising to send her CV to 500-1000 people for a high enough cost. She felt that once she gets a good job of her liking, the means would justify the end. But even after a month, she was unable to find a job. With the growing frustration of her current job and being unable to find a new one, Jyoti felt stressed and anxious all the time.

She felt like the world was collapsing and that there was no hope for her in the future. Feeling defeated and having low self-esteem she felt that nothing in life will ever get better and that it is futile to even dream bigger.

            You might have experience and good skillset, but is it useful and enough for your line of work. Sometimes we spend 10 years working on very similar projects that lead to stagnant skill sets and work experience.

But before starting your job search, you need to identify what work you want to do, what life you want to live and where you see yourself in 10 years. Ponder over these questions seriously and then see what industry and job position would help you achieve it. Remember it’s never too late to switch careers, Jeff Benzo himself changed his career at the age of 31 and is now the second richest man on earth. For an effective job search you need to know what you are searching for.

If you feel that replacing your name with Jyoti’s completely applies to you, then here are some effective job search techniques to help you find your dream job:

Ensure your CV truly reflects you

            Due to technological advances we can pursue courses and gain work experience from organizations halfway across the globe. Knowing this the hiring organizations look for individuals who have a wide range of skillsets and experience. Just having a 10 year experience is no longer enough, it is what all you have learned during the time. Have a CV that reflects your true learning and of all your accomplishments that is well-drafted and error-free. This is an extremely effective job search technique.

Reach out to your professional network

            For the hiring committee every person applying for the job is the same, what might help you is to get a job through a referral. Hiring any candidate is like a lottery for the organization, some employees turn out to be efficient and some not. So hiring through referrals provides them with a surety that the candidate is worth hiring. So tap into your professional network circuit for referrals and start effectively searching for jobs.

Build your presence on LinkedIn

            Building a network of people that belong to your industry can be difficult on its own. That’s why it is a smart choice to join LinkedIn and be active on it. Build your presence there by posting knowledgeable information about your line of work. Connect with thousands of people from your line of work and connect with them to help you get a job. This is the fastest and effective job search technique. You need to put yourself out there and interact with others.

Gain as much experience as you can

            In case you are a fresher and looking for jobs remember that every organization is looking for candidates who have prior experience in the line of work. As they want an employee not a baby whom they have to teach how to work. But it is not true for all organizations. Many of them are willing to hire fresher, search for such jobs. Take up the job, even if it does not pay much, you will be gaining experience. This will help with the next job hunt.

Be well prepared and research about the organization before the interview

            In case you are selected for an interview, thoroughly research the work, vision and mission of the organization. You are right for the job, but interviews see if you are right for the organization too. For that make sure you understand the organization’s policies and work environment. After working in organizations for so long you know what they seek in new employees, be that.

Hold your ground and don’t sound desperate

            It might have been months since you have been unemployed but remember that still need to have self-respect. Do not jump onto any and every job that there. Be selective and know your value. Be calm during the interviews and do not sound desperate.

Despite doing all that you feel that something is lacking in your approach? Here is where career counselling can help with an effective job search. Career Progression is not about sending your CV out to everyone but identifying the correct career path and organization for you. Then helping build your CV to the level of their wanting, helping you prepare for the interview and setting long term goals for your future endeavours. Knowing what work you want to do is easy but knowing which position or career option would allow you to do it is difficult. They engage in all the effective techniques of doing a job search for you. With an organization like Korporate Ladders you get to pursue the career you always wanted, with having a formatted and well-written CV, job interview training and help for setting long-term goals to help you climb the corporate ladder to the top.

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